Welcome to Groningen Zen Center

Groningen Zen Center offers weekly Zen meditation on Monday night, Tuesday night, and Thursday night. Groningen Zen Center was founded by Tom van Dijk, who lived and trained for 5 years at SogenJi Zen temple in Okayama, Japan.

Calendar of events fall 2018 (please subscribe for events by email of phone)
-Free Introductory Class 10 november 11:00-12:00
-Introductory Course series (3 months) at Wednesday mornings, starts at November 14th
-Zen Sunday November 4th 10:00-17:00

Weekly Zen meditation classes at Groningen Zen Center:
Monday 19:30-21:15
Tuesday 19:30-21:15
Thursday 20:00-21:45
Wednesday: 10:00-11:45 (from November 14th)

Email: tom@zengroningen.nl
Phone: +31(0)616730227

TV-Documentary about Tom van Dijk in Japan

Meditation hall at Nieuwstraat 106
(10 mins from Groningen Railway station)

Monthly: 49 euro, 35 euro for fulltime students
3 month introduction course series: 139 euro, 99 euro for fulltime students.
Zen Sunday: 49 euro, 35 euro for full-time students.

Groningen Zen Center
Nieuwstraat 106
9724 KR Groningen
The Netherlands